I was at a want for something to do last night.  That game involving some team was on and no one wanted to play bridge.  Well, truth be told, I didn’t want to play bridge either but at least the silly game being broadcasted would be held at bay.  I invited Opie over and he invited seventeen of his nearest and dearest to join us – the boy has no problem taking advantage of others hospitality.

Don’t get me wrong, Opie serves a purpose but he can overstay his welcome as quickly as an entitled teenager.  I love a good sporting event as the next; I get positively giddy for tennis, but when watching a tennis game, you are dressed well, sipping decadent elixirs and quiet – they way sports should be enjoyed.

A few of the young men brought some unfortunate ladies with them.  Not that they, as people, were unfortunate, but that they clearly knew when to throw in the towel before the poor losing team did.  So the ladies meandered out of the room where I have banished the TV and into my dining room where there was food and wine.  We noshed some and chatted.  At one point, one of the lovelies sipped a nice little Malbec and asked about it.  I launched into a monologue about how the wine was made and where the grapes had been grown and what subtle flavors should be detected.  She took another drink and asked,

“Does it compliment defeat?”

I picked up a Sancerre and suggested this took the sting off better.

I do not need to defend wine and wine knowledge – lord knows I have almost single-handedly supported the wine industry lo these many years, but let’s face it – we need a new way to learn about it.  Robust, legs, bouquet… these are all things to showcase on Valentine’s Day (in imported lingerie, none the less) but how many times must we hear these terms before they lose their aplomb?

The magnificent dames of Wine Exploration & Food Pairing for Women know what I am talking about.  They do not assume I know nothing about wine and food but that I am looking for a new way to look at them.  They don’t talk about how Spanish wine is equal to its French counterpart based on quality and craftsmanship (it is) but why King Alfonso declared that wine may only be served in taverns if paired with small snacks or “tapas,” thus giving birth to the grand tradition of boutique bistros overcharging for toasts with cheese throughout the land.

(No, you will have to ask them if you want to know.  You know I won’t make it easy for you.)

Chef Elizabeth Stuart and Wine Expert Extraordinaire Roxanne Watson have tapped into the idea that women are sophisticated enough to want wine and whimsy, and they are putting their money where their mouths are, taking their show on the road – or wherever it is you need them.  Check out what they have to offer:


Delicious (and copious) wine, food with flare coupled with panache and a couple of entertaining broads to tell you about it?  THAT, my friends, is a sporting event that has my name all over it.

My point is, darlings, when the game is not to your liking, make new rules.


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