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I need a new Mom look.  I just broke my 4th hairbrush today right after my lip balm crumbled from lack of use.  Either I need to do something about my appearance or get rid of all my mirrors.

Hair Trauma

sauthorDear Fright Show

Remember when you used to think cardigans and kicky tennis shoes was the “Mom Look?”  And then you had kids and realized hair styled with toothpaste and chocolate fingerprints on anything white is actually the “Mom Look?”  We all thought we would trade stilettos for puppy heels when, in reality, we traded “Wow, you always look like you stepped out of a salon!” for “AAAAAHHHHHHH! THE UNDEA… oh, Supermom, it’s just you.”

And it’s not just us, is it?  I dutifully bought all the brightly colored, sunglass-clad-shark labeled, strawberry scented syrups that pass for children’s shampoo and four bottles later, I might get a comb through Tabby’s hair.  Since she is still opposed to adopting the Mr. Clean look, I was at a loss of how to make either of us presentable in public.

So I asked a few of my friends what I should do.  I got advice from two friends: Marti O’Dwyer, who lists vacuuming on her resume and Van Thomas of Van Thomas Concepts.  Seeing as Van has 35 years experience in developing hair care and Marti’s greatest achievement in hair is figuring out how a barrette works, I went with Van’s advice.

He says keeping face, or any semblance of personal pride, is not quite as hard as it seems. Stick with good products and you should be in good shape.  If you give yourself the time to use them properly, you are golden (unfortunately, he just means that figuratively.) For instance, your children are not the only sponges in your world; so is wet hair.  Water will keep your hair from absorbing product so wring as much as you can out before you comb in your conditioner. We wouldn’t dream of allowing a sliver of sunshine hit unprotected skin so why would we let our hair out in public unprotected?  A quick dab of Christine glaze to wet hair will protect it from pollutants and high heat styling instruments.  Oh, and about that heat – if paper burns at 451 degrees, so will hair; don’t let your styling tool sit on your hair, keep it in constant motion.  And lastly, just as with training someone to do the dishes – start ‘em young.  Your children’s hair deserves the same care as yours; they’ll thank you for it. (Oh who are we kidding – no they won’t; I’m grateful when they remember my name.)

Since I began using Van’s Christine Hair and Body Line, my hair stylist has started taking my calls again and the neighbors don’t lock their doors or shut their curtains every time I pass their homes.  Nate has even started running his fingers through my hair without fear of us literally being joined together forever.  And my legs grew 3 inches longer and thinner (okay, that last part may not be true.)  Hey, if you don’t believe me, hear from other people just like you:



Thank you to Van Thomas and Kiki Chansamone for allowing me to remain a part of my friend Christine’s world.

And to Sara V. from Menlo Park, CA for writing in.  If you would like to write to Supermom, email her at or click the button below:


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