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What do you think about pets?  I am thinking of getting a puppy for the kids – is that a good idea?  My kids are 2 and 4.  The puppy would be – puppy age, I guess.

Fuzzy on Pets


sauthorDear Faux Fur

Three children under the age of 5 under one roof?  Sounds like you are inviting the apocalypse but go for it!  I am sure you are hearty enough.

When Nate and I were thinking about having kids, our friend Newell told us to “practice” with a puppy first.  Since I always wanted a dog to take to the beach with me (just like I wanted kids to start going to kids movies again), this sounded like a great idea.  We carefully selected Scruffy after interviewing several dogs at our many humane societies.  We wanted to make sure our priorities were the same so there was no clash of ideals.  Since Scruffy’s priority was food, he fit right in.  Here’s a fun fact – you don’t get to interview our kids; Tabby’s priority seems to be to banish socks whereas mine is to not forget where I put my car again.  So in many ways, Scruffy is a better fit.

After adopting Scruffy, we did all the new parent things – sent out announcements (to which my Great Aunt Tulla responded Oh dear, that’s unfortunate.  It looks as though your little boy takes after your mother’s side of the family.)  We had a post baby shower because you never really know what you need until they get here.  I think I received some lovely things – I don’t know because Scruffy ate all the packages before we opened them.  The baby toys were pieced together in a Frankenstein manner in his digestive track.  We also redid the nursery for him, which consisted of placing a special blanket at the foot of our bed.  My pediatrician highly recommended against that when we shared our similar plans for Logan (when I say highly I mean he held the baby at arms length from us until we promised to sign a list of things we wouldn’t do.)  Scruffy was a nervous puppy so every time we moved in bed, he would jump up barking and then run and sit on Nate’s face.

I spent a great deal of time pureeing food for Scruffy – vegetables, meats, starches, fast food burritos – and he would eat them with zeal…. And then promptly face plant in the garbage can to see what pickings were good there.  And don’t get me started on the clothing battles.  The minute I put Scruffy in the precious pink tutu and tights outfit Nate’s cousin sent, he would role around in the mud.  Where, I ask you – where does the other shoe go?  Where?

So as far as your puppy procurement, I say go for it.  I promise you that puppy will be more grateful than any other living thing in your house.  And all those endless nights of sitting up with it as it viciously defends your house against leaves falling and when it rids you of those shoes that your mother says only “those kinds of girls” wear, are worth it in the end.  Because – and this is key – a dog will never roll its eyes at you.




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