Dear Supermom,

My husband never does my dishes.  He asks if there is anything he can do to help, I make several glances at the sink and he just finds other things to do.  How do I get help with the dishes?


Pruned Fingers


Cover_Character_Final Dear Pruned

Although your eye gestures are probably quite fetching, perhaps a more direct answer to his question is in order.  Some men need us to hold their hands when it comes to domestic duties.  I suggest you write down a fun chore for him like varnishing something (men love to varnish things), put the suggestion in a Ziploc baggie and place it at the bottom of the sink.  When your husband asks what he can do to help, tell him where the list is (you might even hint to the varnishing part).  He will plow through those dishes in no time.  Take your extra time to treat yourself to a manicure, or a second glass of wine.



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