Adonis sent me a message asking me to meet him in Liège.  He has never requested me to join him anywhere before, nor do I particularly care to be summoned.  But, as is most things with Adonis, I am intrigued.  Why is he is Liège when he is supposed to be in London?  Why does he need me to join him when our usual arrangement is for him to come by the Chateau?

I don’t know if this is a game or a test or worse, legitimate.  I have played such games in the past just to see how far a lover will go to please me.  But I believe Adonis knows I cannot be subpoenaed like a delinquent parking ticket and the ramifications for doing so would be our liaison terminus.  So why take the risk?  I know he isn’t tired of me.

I am not sure, my darlings: do I fly to his side and risk giving him the perceived advantage or do I ignore his requests and remind him where I can be found?  I fear, until I know his connection, if any, to the Sophie Tiara, I must play my cards quite carefully with him.

I am going to take a chance on this one – we shall see what happens.  I have sent an invitation to his good friend Romeo to come round for the weekend instead.  Adonis may be aloof, but I am not some pixie to be bandied about at someone else’s discretion.  If he needs my presence, he is welcome to state his case.  I have heard nothing since I issued my decline but I will keep you abreast of future developments.

My point is, darlings, when in doubt, stick to what you know.


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