As it has been a while since last we spoke, I shan’t bother you for too long; after all, there are parades to be watched, friends to be entertained and drinks to be chilled.

Instead of some tumid speech one way or the other about America, I ask you today to reflect on her. When I think of America I liken her to my beloved home, Place de Plume: she has a good foundation and is the embodiment of the ideal seen in the minds of visionaries. I see her as being built for the right reasons and the beauty is, those blueprints still exist.

She also has cracks; some minor fissures and some gaping holes. Her own past haunts her and there are times when she learns from that and times she ignores it. But she can be improved, with the right team working on her – and every so often, she is. We have all chosen to live here for a reason and much of that hinges on our belief in the old girl.

So I tip my hat to you, Madame America. I meditate on what you have been and what you can be for in remembering that, I may just work a little harder to get you there.

My point is, my darlings, if done correctly, reflection can take more work than avoidance.