Have you ever asked why breakfast is the most important meal of the day?  I don’t question its weight in the meal hierarchical order of things, just the reason.  I think some medical type once said it should provide the nutritional foundation necessary for me to perform my daily routine.  Poppycock, if my daily routine requires a larger foundation than a Bloody Mary then I need to scale back my routine.

But I do agree it is important.  Not so much for what it does for you but for what it says about you.  When I wake up alone (no, it doesn’t happen often) I have some hot black coffee, a little toast and maybe a teaspoon of fresh preserves, if I am feeling sassy.  And that is generally served either in my bed or in my precious little nook in the sunroom.  When I have guests, we redefine the Full Monty (I’ll let that sink in first.)

Chef prides herself on customizing meals to the guests in house.  She’ll take personal taste, ethnicity, place of birth and once the guests’ shoe size into consideration (it’s best not to ask.)  We sit down in the formal dining room to a table adorned in full linens.  Silver, china, crystal – all the usual suspects are lined up.  Glass pitchers filled with the juice of any produce Chef can wring out line the windowsill spraying a rainbow of vegetation-inspired light across the floor below.  The coffee urns shine brilliantly and dispense liquid velvet as hot as you like.  Four types of sugar and seven types of cream sit at your disposal.  We would be here all day were I to go into detail about the teas.

Just laid eggs, specially cured meats, aged cheeses, savory and sweet breads, the freshest vegetables and the most exotic fruits… good lord, sometimes we must invent new food groups in which to place Chefs creations.  By the time we are finished eating our way through this potpourri of gastronomic delights we are either stuffed or dead.

Why put on such airs?  Is it because a breakfast is generally the last meal you serve a guest before they depart and thus, we want to end on a bang? (In that case, why not just stay in bed and end on, well, a bang?)  Is there some folklore that says if you ply your guests to their eyeballs in jam in the morning you will have seventy years good luck?  Chances are we trotted out the dog AND the pony for dinner the night before, why assault their stomachs only a few hours later?  Why not wrap a tart in a napkin and send them on their way with a smile? (Of course, a tart wrapped in their arms is sure to get them off with a smile as well.)

My point is, darlings, is breakfast the most important meal of the day or the most important statement?