Naomi’s version of some of her favorite literature.


PlumeNotes – When a Body Needs a Body

Hello Gentle Readers. I do hope this finds you well; in one piece, as it were – if so, you will be in the minority in this tale, I fear. This is the story of Frankenstein and the friends he made. It’s an unnerving tale; I trust you won’t come apart. Whatever you take from […]

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PlumeNotes – Three Pieces of Work

  I do love a good tale of jaunty folks doing jaunty things.  Throw in some sinister clergy and a femme fatale who’s the perfect combination of cunning and diabolical and you have yourself a whopping good romp.  Multiply it by four and you have Alexandre Dumas’ incredible tale of The Three Musketeers (plus one). […]

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PlumeNotes – Mac*Daddy*Beth

To know Shakespeare’s words – to truly live them, you must drink them in, swirl them around like intellectual mouthwash and allow the greatness to run down your throat, filling every cell of your being with the heartburn of his genius.  Some spit out the heady liquid into a spittoon of ignorance, followed by a […]

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PlumeNotes – As the Wedding Dress Rots

Oh, hello.  You must be the reader.  You’ve come all this way just to read this page.  Please sit down.  No, not there; a reader never sits there.  I have a tale to tell you that will explain so much… or nothing at all.  You will soon come to realize I don’t care. Let me […]

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PlumeNotes – Gone with the Bourbon

Margaret Mitchell, who toiled under the impression that the South had actually won the Civil War until she was 18, decided to write a story about a fiery belle named Scarlett who has to come of age despite herself.  She named this story Gone With the Wind, and let me tell you, there isn’t anything […]

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PlumeNotes – What a Good Egg, Ol’ Chap

Hey there folks! I’ve got a humdinger of a story for you. It’s a tale about a swell named Gatsby, as told by a gent named Nick Carraway. We’ll get to all the skeletons rattling around in Gatsby’s closet, right after we examine the closets themselves, which are awesome. I do feel I should point […]

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PlumeNotes – There’s a Crazy Bitch in the Attic

WARNING: Spoiler Alerts.  But, if you haven’t read Jane Eyre by now – seriously, who are you kidding? You never will, and now you don’t have to. You’re welcome – but  I would hesitate to use this version if taking an exam. Jane Eyre begins her life by having her parents die; so already, we’re […]

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