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I just read the story about a Kardashian (Kim? Khloe? Kourtney? Kthulhu?) was a passenger on a plane and another passenger told her offspring to cover its mouth.  The Mom Community seems fairly energized over this – what do you think about telling someone else’s kids what to do?

Kurious about Konvention

sauthorDear Klan Kourtesy

Considering I don’t tell my kids what to do, I should hope someone else would. Of course I am being funny, I tell my kids what to do all the time; they simply don’t listen. So now my curiosity is piqued as to whether they listen to other people more than they would me?  They do generally perform better when in the presence of the Mothers than they ever do for me.  The Mothers insist this is a result of a firm hand that establishes the rules and enforces them.  I insist The Mothers have dabbled in Black Magic and my children’s behavior is at the sacrifice of a couple of chicken hearts, a stale Baby Ruth bar and the lint that is eerily non-existent under their couch.

I don’t know what I would do if someone corrected my children in public.  On the one hand, it was a plane and I would prefer muzzles to descend from above than oxygen masks – for kids and adults.  Any attempt to obtain silence on a plane is welcome by me – and that includes the intercom-happy pilot.  I don’t care if we are flying over the Grand Canyon or that the loss of a wing is forcing us into a crash landing, I am watching “Happy Gilmore!”  On the other hand, it’s a plane and a parent on a plane has done everything short of making a live puppy out of a cocktail napkin in order to silence their child so perhaps we could cut them some slack (or buy them a scotch… and maybe the kid one too.)

But I am far more interested in the actual phrasing of “cover your mouth.”  Why was the kid’s mouth open?  Do we know that it wasn’t a public service?  Like, “oh honey, Cover Your Mouth before you put it on that live socket?”  Or maybe they were playing Quarters as a family and the other passenger was trying to give the child serving as the beer cup an advantage?  Was the child performing a vocal exercise and the other passenger was a trained opera singer giving tips for a better sound scale?

Is there a chance the Kardashians practice feeding their children like birds and the passenger misunderstood what was actually happening?  Could the child be have some genetic dispositions to buccal Black Holes and the passenger was trying to close the vacuum for the safety of all on-board?

My guess is that child was commenting on yet another passengers fashion decision of a bedazzled track suit as proper travel attire and the passenger told the child, “Cover Your Mouth for even more of a disapproving response. If you can work in a gasp that is cut off when you Cover Your Mouth, we might just shame 14F into a nice Never Wrinkle sweater purchased through SkyMall.”  In which case, I am okay with it.

Otherwise, I think the passenger missed a wonderful opportunity to play “What Can You Stick in a Gaping Maw?”



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