Oh, hello there.  I apologize for my state of undress but you have caught me trying to select my gown for the evening.  It’s the birthday of a dear friend of J’s and J is hosting a party at Thornfield for her. Fantomina, is a real character and how those two became friends I’ll never know.  But J adores her and they are always tooling around, getting into some sort of mischief.  I happen to like this side of J; she can be quite wicked under the wrong influences, of which I am proudly one.

Tonight’s fete is a costume party and I do love a good costume party.  What J doesn’t know is Fantomina is responsible for my love of a masquerade in the boudoir.  She secreted me away one night when Mr. Rochester was attempting to paint J’s portrait with his remaining hand (J, didn’t have the heart to tell him he was painting the fauteuil.)  Anyway, Fantomina takes me aside and hands me an ornate Venetian carnevale mask and a few ideas and I have never looked back.  Apparently her man, Beauplasir, is quite fond of the charade as he believes he is with a different lover each night (between you and me, he is not the sharpest tool in the shed.)  But, they have their little routine and it allows plenty of time for her to sate her unquenchable appetite for lanky Englishmen.  I am not sure which she bringing tonight, her latest one is quite the ladies man, I hear; he has positively swarms of them.  I was rather fond of the last one, he was one step away from royalty; acting royalty and oh how that man acted…

Supermom will be there, of course.  Nate is offering to watch the kids, bless him.  Although I think his reasoning has more to do with the multiple Mai Tais Supermom consumed which led to a detailed conversation with a rubber tree when last they went out.  I suppose he thinks we are more equipped to handle such sorts of behavior.  She is going as W.C. Fields .  I don’t know all the other guests, I know a South American Scientist who is going.  She is absolutely brilliant and as pretty as the day is long but her habit of measuring attractive men for parts is a bit disconcerting.  I believe she’ll be dressed as James Dean.  The gardening poetess is also coming.  She and I have such a good time together; she knows a hundred ways for you to beautify you life and one very powerful Evil Eye curse that will vex any enemy.  I believe she is going dressed as Romeo and J has asked us to keep her away from the attic, not sure why.  The only other person I shall know tonight is an errant nun who must be kept away from caffeine, Russian models and open flame.  I assume she will be dressed as her Mother Superior again; she uses the photographers of her drunk dressed as such and blackmails her Mother Superior for the keys to the tabernacle; Mother Superior falls for is every single time.  The nun always tries to paint me as a bad influence but I don’t know many habits that come with a red satin petticoat.

I must get back to my costume.  I have the devilish idea to go dressed as J, just for a hoot.  I do worry about playing with Mr. Rochester’s addled mind like that, though.  My other thought is to dress as Aphrodite and see if perhaps I can’ find my Adonis tonight.

My point is, darlings, every day is a celebration when the company is right.