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Notes from Thornfield

J. Eyre’s Escapades at Thornfield

Miss Jane

Good morrow gentle folk and welcome to Thornfield, my humble estate.  I trust I need not bore you with my story, our lovely hostess Naomi has already done that here.  Let bygones be bygones, that is what I always say; just not to Bertha Mason, who remains off her onion and giving my attic a proper batty-fanging so I see no reason to “forgive and forget.” (Every once in a while I slip a photo of Mr. Rochester and my wedding under the attic door  just for fun.)

And not to Blanche Ingram either, as she continues to flounce into Thornfield at whim.  She is betrothed to some little man from the neighboring town and dresses all butter upon bacon just to trot about looking in store windows.  Well, that church-bell can natter on all she wants about what she has – who is wearing Mr. Rochester’s ring, hmm?  Looks like I took the egg there.

I still have to write down instructions as to how to make ice cubes for our devoted housemaid Grace Poole but she doesn’t ask many questions and that faulty memory of hers has worked in my favor on several occasions.

Since I do enjoy being a hostess – some folks have even said my skills as a hostess are legendary (yes they do, Miss Emma Woodhouse, so you can shut you sauce-box!) – we entertain a bevy of fascinating characters at Thornfield  (I don’t mean to be boastful but they are all  famous – literally.)

Please do come by for tea and I shall fill you in on all the Thornfield news.


Happy Birthday to Me

I am feeling quite frisky because today, I am 168 years young. What’s that? How do I keep such youthful complexion? Why, I bathe in the blood of virgins. No! No, I don’t do that at all; not really. Me, I just soak up all the joys of living in this magnificent landmark to frigid […]

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Something in my Throat

Hello my dear friends. It seems forever since we last had a proper chinwag and I have missed them so. We have been quite busy here at Thornfield, entertaining as usual. I am certainly not one to complain about having to arrange tea for all of the various weary travellers Mr. Rochester picks up in […]

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Floral Trappings

Sometimes my hospitality can get me into a little bit of trouble. My friend Corrine Dollanganger asked if she and her children could come by for a visit to which I said of course they could because I am, at my core, a generous person; its just my nature. But when Corrine arrived with those […]

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Sunny Spot

Don’t mind me – I am just dragging all the musty old things out from Thornfield’s dank walls to air them out and get ready for Spring.  Unfortunately, of those items, half the staff is included.  I am not one to get bothered by the dark, grey, sogginess of winter but this winter has been […]

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Oh lord help me, I may not survive today.  I, extending my usual generous nature, offered to look after the children for my dear friends the Darlings.  They used to be dear friends, I don’t know what is going on over at that house now. Ever since they got here, the children have been flying […]

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No Ill Will

I detest illness of any sort – it’s so positively dull for the poor person who has the decency to stay healthy.  There was a bit of a bug going around and everyone holed up in her house for so long, I had a dearth of entertainment. Since Thornfield is such a lovely home and […]

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Morning Stroll

Sometimes, even a house as large as Thornfield Hall can feel a bit restrictive; especially if when the weather has acted as jailer.  To say that nerves are a bit frayed from the inclement weather is like saying Malvolio might hold a high opinion of himself.  When Mrs. Fairfax accidentally launched a Quaich at Grace […]

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Roaring Good Time

I am off to visit our friends, George and Lydia Haldey, tomorrow.  They have been having a devil of a time with their children and I am pitching in to lend a hand.  They have one of those new-fangled houses with all the modern conveniences – Happylife Home, that’s what it’s called.  (I am a […]

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Picking Sides

Good afternoon.  Late start today but that is only because I wasn’t going to write anything at all.  But then Naomi sent me a dozen roses with the blooms cut off and I am fairly certain that is her way of telling me I had better get my derriere in gear.  Naomi is not known […]

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Lending a Hand

Oh joy, Mr. Rochester has decided to take a day off from whatever it is he does and spend the day “helping” me around Thornfield.  There just isn’t anything I need more than my blind, one-handed husband doing chores his way when I am trying to go about my day. He started in at breakfast […]

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Peace of Mind

Well I have a nice morning ahead of me.  The manor is running fairly smoothly and I have no desire to clip anyone’s ears – yet.  Mr. Rochester had me see my doctor for nerves a while back.  The good doctor suggested that perhaps I get a little to wound up about things at Thornfield […]

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Tea with Cake

I just got back from tea with one of my dearest friends. I usually go to see her at her home because she doesn’t get out much.  She is so avant garde, in everything she does – he outfits, her dĂ©cor, her menus – why I just never know what to expect when I go […]

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