Surprise!  I know – Fridays are Supermom’s day but I own the joint so I can kick her to tomorrow if I want.  She seemed a spot relieved as she had some kind of hair emergency to deal with anyway.

No, today is my day – the Rites of Dionysus.  Oh, we celebrate them in spring as well… and the vernal equinox, summer solstice – hell, any given Thursday you might find the front gate fountain bubbling with wine and Maenads poking you with their thyrsi, we don’t need much of an excuse to get naked and dance at Place de Plume.

Yes, I know today is the feast day for the patron saint of Hallmark but I choose to do things my way – quelle surprise.  You will remember I was once in love; true love… true, romantic, mad love and then he lost a bet with a streetcar and what did that get me?  A few dozen veiled hats and shared headstone waiting for me to have an end date.  I have no problem with love and happily ever after – heavens, I hope my ever after is happy, but I don’t see much need to celebrate that aspect of today – not in the conventional sense.  And do not worry your pretty little heads, this is not some treatise on how you should love your partner every day and to homogenize the concept of love is removing the core of what is pure and special between… oh good lord, somebody get me my salts to stay awake; that argument is simply someone’s clever way of getting out of taking you out to dinner.

No, I am talking about celebrating everything you love today.  I serve food finer than a fête de Noël with wines Dionysus himself would approve of.  I drape myself in clothing crafted by the gods on Concorde/Madeleine as transcendental music swirls about every room.  We don’t peek at our pleasures here at the Chateau, we dive right in, just as Lysios would want.

And then there is my greatest love, my favorite indulgence – explorations of the flesh.  Like everything else, I don’t spare anything because as the sign says everyone is invited.  I have called them all in – Raven, my crazy Nederlander, should be arriving by whatever delusion she has immersed herself in this month.  Opie was here at 5 this morning all grins and giggles – I don’t mind, he’s a nice little appetizer.  My fiery Persephone is flying in from the East Coast – and probably a rage, which I will be able to quell within moments; I know how to laurel that mane of blonde passion better than anyone.  Romeo will be late as he is finishing up some business in London but promises an armful of roses and chocolates, which, in return, I promise an armful of Naomi.  And Adonis – who knows?  I sent the invitation with all the entendre I could squeeze in and he returned with silence save for one card with simply a ruby heart upon it.  He’ll be here; I can feel it in my bones… among other places.

How do I juggle such a lot?  Well, that, my darlings, is for me to keep with me – a girl needs some secrets.

My point is, darlings, when you have a day devoted to love – love it fully.


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