Dear Supermom,

I hope its okay to write you – I don’t have kids. I know you should never-say-never but I don’t think I want them.  My problem is my sister-in-law is constantly telling me that I am making a huge mistake and that I will regret it.  She always looks so tired and miserable; I don’t think she has smiled since Martha Stewart went to prison.  We bicker about this all the time.  How do I tell her I kind of like being, you know, happy?

Thank You for Your Help

Well-Rested and Content


sauthor  Dear Nap-Taker

Please try to understand where your sister-in-law is coming from: a place of love.  She is just trying to help you see what you are missing by not welcoming children into your life and how empty a life you are actually living without children in it…

No, I’m just kidding – she’s jealous that you don’t have to explain for the umpteenth time why it is not acceptable to use jelly to write thank you notes.  Basically she is either ticked off that you came to last Thanksgiving wearing two of the same shoes or she is trying to actually give you her children.  Either way, be careful; every pro-child pitch slung at you is part of a larger plan she devised at 3 AM when she couldn’t sleep because her child told her the teacher wants to see her first thing in the morning.  If she uses the “I used to think like you do but now that I have kids, I totally get it” line – run; she is one haircut away from trying to steal your identity.

If you are single, I suggest you hire an actor to play your boyfriend/girlfriend and complain about him/her mercilessly but you don’t want to “go back out there because it is so terrible.”  Advising you on your love life is just about the only way to divert a mother away from trying to talk you into kids.  If you are happily married, I suggest you move and get adopted into another family.

If you do ever think you might want kids, call me – I loan mine out for just such decision-making.



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