Hey Supermom

What do you do for fashion on a mom’s budget?  I try to put myself together in the morning but never quite get it right.  And when did my entire closet become several shades of black?  It looks like charred forest in there?

Fashionably Challenged


sauthor   Dear Anna Wintour

Hmm, since you use the term “put together,” it sounds like you are talking about actually getting dressed.  I am not sure I have the answer for you as I have not gone anywhere in anything other than pajama bottoms in 4 years.  I went out to a fairly big function with Nate’s office folk and forgot my skirt.  When I removed what turned out to be Nate’s trench coat, I had on a cashmere sweater set, pearls, patent heels and faded pink madras flannel pjs who legs are 4 inches different from each (I don’t know why that is.)  I tried to pass it off as “hip” but I am not ironic enough to make that work.  I attempted to fashion a sarong from several napkins tied together but Nate just took me home instead.

The other morning the principle at the kids school asked if I might throw a jacket on instead of just wrapping in my comforter so now it looks like either I sleep in my slippers or wake an extra hour to make the effort.

But, my best friend Dawn is always immaculately dressed so I asked her what to do.  If you want to follow her routine, get a nanny willing to arrive at 5am so you don’t have to interact with your children before they come to kiss you goodbye (air kisses, you don’t want them sullying your lovely outfit.)  Have a closet the size of a guesthouse with lockable doors.  Hire a stylist to coordinate 5-7 go-to outfits for when you don’t have time to put one together yourself and enlist a personal shopper at the 5 top shops in your area.  Oh, and Dawn has a trust fund so she is about as helpful as I am on the matter… but it gave us an excuse to hide in her closet and drink wine as we “brainstormed.”

However, I thank you!  I had never thought of buying only one color for everything I own – that way, everything will match no matter how blurred-eyed I am when I reach for them.  I am going to do this today – you’re brilliant.  Have you ever thought of writing a column?



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