I have kicked everyone out of the Chateau for the morning, save for my loyal Moufette who is currently dozing on my unmade bed (the trouble with kicking everyone out is the staff doesn’t do what you count on them to do like making beds.)  My Entitled Alley Cat is wailing about her breakfast but she will have to fend for herself, Mrs. de Plume is indisposed.

No, not in that way – not yet, at least; I am in the bath.  I never did take a shine to showers.  I can appreciate the efficiency of it all, but there is a certain – satiation – lacking.  Once in the shower, if alone, you merely… shower.  In the bath, you bathe.  There is a recipe to the perfect bath – just the right temperature that soothes the muscles but not so hot as to redden delicate skin (yes, I can still be delicate.)  I have found the ideal salt to oil ratio so that I come out silken but not prone to sliding down the hallway without invitation.  The right lighting that calms me but doesn’t put me to sleep (and the right amount of champagne to do the same.)  It is a well-orchestrated experience from the beginning to end and a part of my ritual from which I will not veer, nor will I share.

I suppose there is an argument for a better use of an hour’s time but I am neither interested nor listening.  When you spend as much time as I did asleep, I plan for my luxuries the minute I awake; I could add Carpe Diem to my family crest.  But here’s the thing, I have heard all the arguments as to why I should find more productive ways to spend my time and they just don’t, well, hold water.  Certainly things like jobs and families and households need tending but what about us?  When do we tend to what we want, not just what we need and why don’t we see those two circles intersect more often than not?

I understand that this is all well and good coming from someone who seems not to have such cares and more time than sense to sink in all her pleasures, but does it diminish the sentiment?  Do you not deserve to take a moment from your over-scheduled day to do something completely indulgent?   We adore when someone takes the time to do something for us.  And I hasten to guess that if your office mate handed you a cup of coffee and sat on the corner of your desk, you wouldn’t blurt out a terse salutation and turn your back to them so why do it to yourself?  When you are driving on your appointed rounds, do you drive the scenic route just to take in the landscape?  When you pass a gown that looks as though it had been assembled by angels, do ask if you might feel it on you just this once?  Could you even describe the colors outside your front window right now?  Take three minutes and go stare at the view that caused you to move into your place.  You have earned it, I am sure.

My point is, darlings, when making your to do list, add yourself in there somewhere.