Dear Supermom,

I just got a contract position and I can work from home – yay!  But I have to go away for a 4-day training which means leaving my little girl.  My mom can watch her but I will miss her so very much.  I am considering asking my new boss if I can bring her to the training with me – I just can’t imagine not being with her.  Have you ever had to be without your kids?  How did you cope?

Can’t Leave

sauthor   Dear 4 Days Away

Have I ever had to be without my kids?  No, it was all purely voluntary.  A few years ago I made up a pretend job and faked business trips whenever I needed a break.  I was afraid Nate would catch on to the credit card charges for a hotel so I began taking up residence a large bush on the side of the house.  A pair of squirrels served as my “Milwaukee Team” and we would get drunk on the cooking wine I stole from the cabinet while the kids were at school.  Nate caught me one night – I swear the cat ratted me out because my Milwaukee Team rejected her restructuring proposal.  (In their defense, the proposal did involve their being flayed and digested.)

A lady in the PTO travels for business so I asked her about your dilemma during our last meeting.  Unfortunately I asked when they were taking volunteers for the First Grade Slumber Party chaperones and somehow I was put in charge of s’mores; apparently we can’t use open flame so I have to cook them on a flashlight.  First grade sucks.

Anyway, Jinifer (I don’t know how to pronounce that, sorry) says you should not sneak the child in as your co-workers will think someone younger and cheaper is replacing them.  She also says that shrieking toddlers are not always conducive to an effective environment in which valuable information is being shared.  Speaking of sharing, your fellow trainers may not want to “share” the pen or notepad your daughter grabs from them to scribble on, nor will they giggle when your precious renders their notes illegible.  Oh, and Jinifer warns that juice boxes lead to sticky hands and saturated hard drives.

So Mom sounds like the way to go on this.  I have a feeling the incident-free flight will lessen some of your pain.  The ability to sit in your hotel room and not have to chase after anything trying to throw the phone out the window will also aid in the matter.  Call during bedtime and the screeching complaints in the background should put to rest any vestiges of home-sickness you might still be experiencing.

Oh, and Jinifer says if the company picks up the incidentals, empty the entire mini-bar into your carry-on.  But you knew that already, right?



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