Dear Supermom,

My mother-in-law says I should cook more meals at home.  I cook some but she says that I rely too much on the “heat-and-serve” stuff rather than making things from scratch.  Sometimes we walk in the door right at dinnertime – where would I find the time?  Do you cook every night?




sauthor  Dear Grab-and-Go

I would like to address your question in a few parts… a recipe of answers, if you will.  Normally, when someone says something along the lines of “I think a meal should be cooked… ” my standard response is “excellent, here’s the pantry and I like dinner on the table by 5:30.”  But in your case, that would be inviting your mother-in-law into your home to cook for you and once the owner of the house invites them in, they are able to suck your blood.

I am not exactly known for my culinary prowess so if I went strictly to home-cooked meals, fast food places in my area would all go bankrupt.  My family would rather salt their placemats than eat any more of my “creations.”  In light of this, I asked a girlfriend whose children seemed fed.  She recommended that you cook a bunch of meals in advance, when you have the time, and freeze them to be pulled out and heated on those days you did not have a chance to cook anything fresh.  So instead of taking the 20 minutes you are gifted on a Sunday morning to read a newspaper and have a cup of coffee in peace, you could whirl about the kitchen, awash in spices and flavored oils, and cook up a weeks’ worth of meals.  But why stop there? You could skip lunch and cook up something for the rest of the month.  That way, should company pop by, you have enough for everyone.  Maybe, if you could skip your selfish need to restroom every once in a while, you might be able to make a few meals for your fellow soccer parents just in case they get hit by a fly ball and are confined to bed rest.

Or, you can heat up one of your perfect fine entrees that somebody else has already made, put it in one of your own dishes and place a sprig of parsley on it for that homespun touch.  And when you phone your mother-in-law to tell her how delicious the meatloaf was, dial with your middle finger.



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