Dear Supermom,

My son has a bit of a cough.  I took him to the doctor who says it sounds like a late summer cold but my friend said she knew a mom whose daughter had a cough once but it turned out the daughter had a rare infection from some bad mango she consumed on vacation.  Now I am worried it might actually be the Plague – what do you think?

Quarantined Mom

sauthor  Dear Doc in Training

It constantly amazes me that just because of all their years of schooling, studying, residency and training doctors think they know what’s best for our children’s health.  And I don’t know about you, but my kids’ pediatrician, Dr. Godsend, always seems kind of “judgey” when I suggest diagnoses based on what I find on the Internet.  Like for instance, Logan went through a period where he would whisk the French toast batter so vigorously, it will spill all over the counter – he did this every single time.  So I brought it up during his physical and suggested, based on the Moms’ MediHints site, it was indicative of latent hostility towards cinnamon that will manifest in his teenage years in his overthrowing of the local mall’s Santa Claus.  Dr. Godsend suggested it might just be a little boy who thinks whisking really fast is funny; I don’t know how that was helpful to anyone.

And a few months ago Tabby had a scrape from falling over something – I can’t remember what, I lose track of her tumbles – and after few days, I noticed this weird smell coming from her.  It was just a little sweet with a faint hint of mildew so I naturally assumed it was gangrene.  I raced her to Dr. Godsend who looked at her scrape, which took some time as it had healed and we couldn’t really find it, and said he thought the smell was more likely the gum she had stuck in her hair.  Ignoring that, I asked if it was possible the gangrene was under the skin and attacking her inner organs and that was why she refused to wear the cute little smocked dress I got her?  He said he didn’t think gangrene was the problem but cleaning scrapes was always advisable in the future to prevent infection… and that regular baths were not a bad idea either.  Just to be safe, when we got home, I burned some sage and smudged over her arm at length to will out the gangrene.  When I was done, Tabby mentioned it was her leg she had scraped but I was out of sage at that point so I decided Dr. Godsend was right.

Good luck with the Plague.  I am told painting an evil eye over the door will help ward off the spirits possessing your son and return him to health.  That and maybe a cough drop.



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