Do you remember Romeo?  He’s still around, the little dickens, his eagerness is refreshing in a sea of entitlement.  But a little while ago he had scheduled a visit and mentioned he might have a friend in tow.  I thought nothing of it; after all, everyone is invited to Place de Plume – why not give Romeo a little playmate to talk to while I rested.

I had no idea.

I was done in the minute they crossed the threshold. Romeo is romantic and floral and prone to a dissertation of his devotion; which is all well and good when you have some time to kill.  His companion speaks with actions rather than words, finds the quickest way to get to a point and is nothing short of Adonis.  From the moment he occupies a room, he captures your attention completely.  If his perfect physique doesn’t hold your attention, trying to find a word to correctly identify the color of his eyes will. He speaks in a low, bass drum baritone that hits you in the hips and trickles down to your knees.  Men like this are trouble start to finish because you think you are in control but you never really are – and they have some sense of this from the first time you giggle.

I showed Adonis his room so he might retire for the night and I couldn’t quite stop lingering in his doorway.  I checked and double-checked that he knew of every amenity available to him.  I pointed out how to work the blinds and where to find the light switches; directed him to the bathroom, the clean towels, the extra pillows and the quickest way to my room.  I thought I would exit with my wits about me but he winked at me and I haven’t been able to breathe properly since.

Romeo, bless him, seems to not take exception with my expanding the stable; although it’s possible he hasn’t really noticed.  His attention span being what it is, I am able to dance about the subject of my dalliance with some well-placed mentions of himself.  I am also not totally convinced Romeo’s affection for Adonis lies solely on the platonic level.  For his part, Adonis seems to take everything in stride (his stride being one of the things that I love about him.)  He swings by the Chateau when he is in the area but most of the time, he is jetting off to foreign ports of call to film great spectacles.  He makes me feel young again, more so because I act like a silly little girl in his presence.  I try to impress him with my worldliness and rich history but in the middle of my story of dining with Sarte, Adonis flashes those heavenly eyes and I forget that English is my primary language.  I instruct Clarice to always have some form of food available within my reach so I might stuff my mouth to shove the ridiculous words back in.  Adonis doesn’t seem to mind my incoherence or rambling.  It is not that he is uninterested, at least he seems interested; I am not really sure what drives him as I haven’t had much desire to engage him in conversation yet.  If I can ever keep my hands off him, I may, in fact, try to find out something about him.

Of course I don’t expect this to last, the brightest stars burn out the fastest.  But in the mean time, I mean to make the most of it.  He has his own money and doesn’t seem all that interested in mine.  He never stays for very long – he is a bit of a mystery, actually, which only adds to his allure.  He makes me feel young and alive and vibrant and I make him… well, once again, I have no idea what he is getting out of this, but he keeps coming back for it, whatever it is.  All I know is that I hold my breath until he returns and when he does, the Chateau feels, somehow, even more complete.  This troubles me, of course; I am used to being the Mistress of any situation.  But, for the first time since Thomas, I am, as of this writing, willing to see it through.

That which piques my interest in Adonis the most is when he is in residence, I get a feeling in my gut that isn’t unlike the feeling I have when the Sophie Tiara is here and a suggestion of a connection fascinates me.  As eager as I am to discover what this could mean, I get the sense that I am playing by Adonis’s rules and I am willing to allow that… for now.

My point is, darlings, if you get a new toy, you don’t always need to read the instructions on how to play with it.


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