Dear Supermom

I think I should help out at my kids school more, all the other moms do.  What do you think?



sauthor  Dear Free-to-Go

I have to write this quickly, and covertly, because I am supposed to be correcting third grade math homework papers.  The problem is, third grade math homework is beyond me and the teacher forgot to make up a master for me to use.  She laughed and said, “I’m sure you can figure it out though” so I was too embarrassed to say I couldn’t.  I have resorted to drawing cartoons about a clown trying to sell a balloon to a fish.

I have to stay until 10:30, however, because that is when I have my library shift.  It’s not as much fun as it sounds; the librarian doesn’t let me talk to the students anymore.  I have to restock books and wipe down tables – quietly.  I get to work the lunch tables after the library shift, which is not bad on the days there is no food fight.  Apparently I am supposed to stop those.  I’ve had detention four times.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I am in Tabby’s class. On Tuesdays I read the story and on Thursdays I get to help with the art project.  I don’t own clothing that doesn’t have a feather and/or a bead glued to it somewhere.  The story part is fun; I get to use different voices for the characters.  Last month we read Loud Larry and the Asthmatic Pirates; I lost my voice for a week.

This month is the big Fall Festival Fundraiser, because things in elementary school must have alliteration to raise money.  I signed up to buy napkins but they put me on booth building so I have the kids go to friends’ houses while I work on assembling booths for a few hours after school.  Did you know they lock the gate after 5:30?  And if the sun has gone down, it is very difficult to see those links in order to get a good foothold when scaling the fence.  I have forgotten what my husband looks like.

Do you know why you see the other moms always volunteering?  Have you watched The Godfather Part III – “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in?”

So, yes, by all means volunteer at your child’s school.  Nothing promotes the parent/child bond like indentured servitude.  They will know how much you care because you do so much at the school; truly – so much.  You have no concept of how much there is to do at a school until you have volunteered to do it.  Your children won’t see it, or you, ever again so you will have to leave notes in their backpacks about all that you do for them.



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