Hester Prynne and her lovely daughter Pearl stopped by for a chat the other day.  You can always spot Hester from a mile away, what with that big golden “A” right there on the front of her bosom.  I have asked her what it stands for but her answer changes every time, she’s such a peculiar girl.  As much as I like Hester, she can be a little closed off; sometimes trying to get information from her is like trying to get a confession from a sinner.  I don’t mind so much, it allows more time for my stories.  Shame Hester shies away from a bit of gossip; she seems to have so much time on her hands.

Hester and Pearl live just outside Boston.  I have heard so many wonderful things about Boston’s social scene, I cannot understand why a pretty little thing like Hester wouldn’t want to be right in the middle of town.  I imagine she would be the center of attention, maybe even put on some kind of pedestal. But she just stays in her little cabin doing her needlework.  She does need to get out a little more, I hear their meteor showers are something to behold.

Pearl’s a little sprite.  She has no problem speaking her mind when need be.  I dare say she makes up for what Hester doesn’t say.  And I understand that Hester is not a fan of disciplining but she might show the child a little restraint.  Especially when she is making target practice out of that “A” Hester is so fond of wearing; Pearl seems downright embarrassed by it.  I don’t worry too much about them though; they both seem pretty focused with their town’s Reverend Dimmsdale.  He appears to hold a special place in their hearts, which is good because his is always giving out on him.  The pressure that poor man must be under; he would do well to get a girlfriend to ease his life.  Fortunately Hester tells me Dr. Chillingworth has made Reverend Dimmsdale his personal project. Between you and me, Dr. Chillingworth may be looking after the good reverend, but I think he has his eye on Hester.

Our little one Adele – Mr. Rochester’s charge and my former pupil – she and Pearl are thick as thieves.  It’s nice they have each other, since neither of them knows their father.  Could you imagine two little girls going through life without their fathers’ living right there in the same place with them?  I guess you must get a sense that they are always with you in those situations though, don’t you?  Anyway, I just love those girls and so does Mr. Rochester.  He and Hester seem to have so much in common.  If you will excuse me, I actually need to find him.  I am worried about a little rash he has.  It’s the strangest thing but it almost looks like that “A” that Hester sports.  Right there on his chest.