Hi Supermom,

I am at loss for what to do.  Every time I tell my daughter, Pantomime, she has to go to bed she throws a huge tantrum.  I spend hours trying to get her to sleep and am losing a lot of my own sleep as a result.  I have run out of ideas – do you have any?


Tired Mom

sauthor  Dear Bagged-Eyes

I’m afraid I am not very successful at the bedtime routine myself.  I had to ask some other moms for suggestions and maybe their tips will help you:

One friend said a routine is good for bedtime.  I keep trying to put a routine together but I’ll be honest, it’s not going well.  Tabby wants the routine to be ballet but she is not very coordinated and the bruises on her behind are starting to make sitting tough.  Logan doesn’t care much for dancing so I just have him walk through the number; I am more tired than them by the time we run through it.  Don’t even get me started on the music selection.

I have another friend who suggests that you get the bedtime ritual started early enough to allow time for a few moments of dissidence during the process.  We start our bedtime preparations about 20 minutes after the kids wake up in the morning.

Another friend says every time your child throws a tantrum you should have a meaningful dialogue about the importance of regeneration and respect for both their bodies, which need sleep, and their parents, who should be heard.  Most of our discussions are lost because I can’t yell louder than them anymore.  They will occasionally say some nonsense about how the M&Ms I funnel all day isn’t respecting my body and I make up studies that show adult women need M&Ms in order to drive to certain toy stores.  The talking-it-out thing is not working as well as I had hoped so for now, I have taken to throwing myself on the floor beside them and screaming along with them.  Eventually we either pass out from exhaustion or the police are called for noise disturbance and I let the officers put them to bed.

Good luck to you!



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