Cold Toes, Warm Memories

I took the entire staff ice-skating today. I made the decision in a burst of holiday joy but decided I needed to follow through once the time came. It has been extra formidable outside and we had begun resembling caged rats in this place. It looked like battle lines were being drawn so I thought […]

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Frohe Truthahn Nacht

Remy didn’t care one way or the other about Thanksgiving. Since he never experienced it growing up, it simply was another day on the calendar for him. However, as it entailed a great quantity of food and wine, he was game to celebrate. My first Thanksgiving with Rémy was slightly more memorable than the others, […]

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Broken feathers

Castle Call

His invitation came on the edges of a wind blowing in the opposite direction. Requesting my presence was merely a formality; I was powerless against his call. Halloween made me nervous enough, leaving Place de Plume was the last thing I wished to do when the sun set but I had no other choice. Clarice […]

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Happy Birthday to Me

I am feeling quite frisky because today, I am 168 years young. What’s that? How do I keep such youthful complexion? Why, I bathe in the blood of virgins. No! No, I don’t do that at all; not really. Me, I just soak up all the joys of living in this magnificent landmark to frigid […]

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Structural Integrity

As it has been a while since last we spoke, I shan’t bother you for too long; after all, there are parades to be watched, friends to be entertained and drinks to be chilled. Instead of some tumid speech one way or the other about America, I ask you today to reflect on her. When I […]

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SMNaN – Tooth Decay

Supermom Needs a Nap is a WIP and the follow-up to Supermom Breaks a Nail (available at I used to adore the Tooth Fairy. Used to. Like any other self-absorbed child fixated with how much stuff I could get for the least amount of effort, I worshipped all forms of mythical-gift-giving creatures in my […]

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Take the Cannoli

Dear Supermom, You’re going to call me crazy but I am starting to believe that a Mommy Mafia really does exist. Have you ever heard of them? Under Suspicion   Dear Cement Shoes, YOU’RE CRAZY! Ha! See that – you told me not to and then I went ahead and… oh nevermind; it just isn’t […]

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Naughty but Nice

“Oh!” I chirped as Chef smacked my hand with the back of a wooden spoon. “I don’t think you are supposed to do that.” I scold, rubbing the smacked spot. “There is no other way to get your hand out of that batter.” She said, not looking at me. “I just want a taste.” “These […]

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The First Fiasco

Its that time again, isn’t it? Time for that blasted holiday in which we pretend we are grateful for all the stuff we take for granted the rest of the year. Lord, what I wouldn’t give to get out of this annual fiasco. You would think being 143 would give me some leverage on the […]

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Costume Balled

Dear Supermom I hope you had a nice Halloween. I made life easy on myself this year and bought my kids’ costumes – what did you do? The reason I am writing today is what percentage of your kids’ Halloween haul are you allowed to steal? In Need of Chocolate  Dear Having a Bad Week […]

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Hosting the Wicked

It sounded like a distant bell, the first crack did; no crackle or groan signaling damage, just a small ping followed by silence. I listen for the wind’s whistle to come through but hear none; something is blocking the hole on the other side. I try to make out its form in the dark; it […]

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Something in my Throat

Hello my dear friends. It seems forever since we last had a proper chinwag and I have missed them so. We have been quite busy here at Thornfield, entertaining as usual. I am certainly not one to complain about having to arrange tea for all of the various weary travellers Mr. Rochester picks up in […]

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